Active Element



npm install @solid-primitives/active-element
yarn add @solid-primitives/active-element
pnpm add @solid-primitives/active-element


#Non-reactive primitives:
#Reactive primitives:
  • focus - A directive that notifies you when the element becomes active or inactive.


#Added id @2.0.0

Attaches event listeners to window, listening for the changes of the document.activeElement.

import { makeActiveElementListener } from "@solid-primitives/active-element";

const [activeElement, setActiveElement] = createSignal(null);
const clear = makeActiveElementListener(el => setActiveElement(el));

// remove listeners (happens also on cleanup)


function makeActiveElementListener(callback: (element: Element | null) => void): VoidFunction;


#Added id @2.0.0

Attaches "blur" and "focus" event listeners to the element.

import { makeFocusListener } from "@solid-primitives/active-element";

const [isFocused, setIsFocused] = createSignal(false);
const clear = makeFocusListener(focused => setIsFocused(focused));

// remove listeners (happens also on cleanup)


function makeFocusListener(
  target: Element,
  callback: (isActive: boolean) => void,
  useCapture?: boolean,
): VoidFunction;


Provides reactive signal of document.activeElement. Check which element is currently focused.

#How to use it

import { createActiveElement } from "@solid-primitives/active-element";

const activeEl = createActiveElement();

createEffect(() => {
  console.log(activeEl()); // T: Element | null


function createActiveElement(): Accessor<Element | null>;


Provides a signal representing element's focus state.

#How to use it

import { createFocusSignal } from "@solid-primitives/active-element";

const isFocused = createFocusSignal(el);
isFocused(); // T: boolean

// you can also use signals for ref
const [ref, setRef] = createSignal<Element>(el);
const isFocused = createFocusSignal(ref);
// this way if the element changes,
// the "isFocused" will start checking the new element

// is targeting a ref from jsx, pass it as a function
// or wrap primitive in onMount, so that it is accessed once mounted
let ref;
createFocusSignal(() => ref);
<div ref={ref} />;


function createFocusSignal(target: MaybeAccessor<Element>): Accessor<boolean>;


A directive that notifies you when the element becomes active or inactive.

const [active, setActive] = createSignal(false)
<input use:focus={setActive} />


Directive<(isActive: boolean) => void>;


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